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Assets: Additional Info

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Generally, we will only consider assets included on our Approved Asset List. Please note the following: Generally, we do not finance dump trucks. The only type of dump truck that we will consider is an articulating dump truck. We only finance full size construction equipment with a weight of 22,046 lbs. or heavier.

What Range of Term Does Entegra Offer?

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In general, the term of the contract will be between 36-60 months. Some applicants may not qualify for a full 60-month term option, depending on the age/life expectancy of the asset or other factors. Should the customer qualify, we can typically offer a 72-month term for new assets.

How Do You Calculate Credit For More Than One Applicant?

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In the event there is more than one owner of the business, or a co-applicant, we will average the FICO scores of all applicants for use in our adjudication process. Although we do require spousal guarantee for all owners on the contract, spouses who have no ownership interest are not required to be included on

What Types of Contracts Do You Offer?

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Entegra Capital currently offers: TRAC Leases with a 10-20% Residual IF the credit profile qualifies we also offer a Conditional Sale Agreement ($1- Out or $101-Out depending on the state) Coming Soon: Within a few weeks we will also offer an EFA option to applicants whose credit profile qualifies for this option.

How Many Points Do You Allow?

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Up to 10 points are possible for most deals. Some deals in the lower credit spectrum or other special circumstances may max out at 6-7 points. Our credit department will usually default to including 6 points unless you have specified how many points you want included in the structure of the approval. This can be

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